Our ranch and kennel are located in the farming community of Caldwell just northwest of Boise, Idaho.  We are now offering the use of our facilities and livestock on a limited basis to novice through advanced handlers. Our facility has a variety of working arenas and equipment suitable for all levels of competitive herding.  Novice herding lessons are also available on a limited basis.  Visitors always welcome.

See our links below for more herding information and also learn a little about my own experiences.  If you would like more information about facility and stock rental, herding lessons,  judging for your next AKC or AHBA herding trial, or our Corgis, please contact us.

Arial view - Garbarino Ranch

My experience includes:

  • Earning conformation championships handling three Collies and three Pembroke Welsh Corgis;
  • Trained and handled:
    • A Collie and three Pembroke Corgis to their AKC herding championships;
    • First breeder owned and handled Pembroke Welsh Corgi to finish and AKC herding championship;
    • In other AKC herding competition, we have earned 11 HXA, 14 HIA, 18 HSA, 3 HSA, 1 HIB, 14 PT and 15 HT titles;
    • A collie and five Pembrokes to their ASCA and AHBA championship titles and at the same time three more dogs in the Started, Open and Advanced classes;
    • Four Pembrokes who earned their HTCh (American Herding Breed Association) championships;
    • Four other dogs in AHBA competition earning 3 HRDIII, 2 HTDIII, 3 HRDII, 3 HTDII, 3 HRDI, 3 HTD1, 1HTADIII, 2 HTADII, 3 HTADI, 7 JHD and 9 HCT titles;
    • Collies, Corgis and other dogs who have earned a total of 13 CD, 1 TD and multiple Agility titles.
  • More than 65 years experience breeding Collies and 45 years breeding Pembroke Corgis;
  • Forty-five years experience on a ranch raising livestock and working stock with dogs;
  • Over 16 years experience training and participating in herding competition; and
  • AKC and AHBA licensed herding judge.


  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America  (PWCCA)
  • Golden Gate Pembroke Welsh Corgi Fanciers Club (GGPWCE)
  • Collie Club of America (since 1960) CCA
  • Inland Empire Collie Club  
  • American Herding Breed Association  (AHBA
  • Idaho Herding Association  (IHA)
  • All Breed Herding Club of Western Washington (ABHCWW
  • Columbia River Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club (CRPWCC)
  • CorgiHerders Group at Yahoo

Former Member:

  • Reno Kennel Club (20 years)
  • Lizard Butte Kennel Club (20 years)
  • Daryl Theissens and I founded and organized the Sierra Nevada Collie Club
  • VacaValley Stock Dog Club

Other Dog Related Links:

We hope you enjoyed your visit with us and meeting all our dogs. Your comments about our web site are welcome. Please come back and visit us often.

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Pokies Country Kennel

Judy Garbarino

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Caldwell, ID  83607


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