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October 21, 1991 - April 3, 2007



We were deeply saddened by the loss of Reba on April 3, 2007.  However, her record and her offspring's legacy  remain a testament to Reba and the breed.



Reba’s Accomplishments:



  • The first Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi in history to attain all three organizations (AKC, AHBA, ASCA) herding championship titles.
  • The first Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi in history to attain all three organizations advanced titles in ALL three stock types (ducks, sheep and cattle).
  • The first Pembroke Welsh Corgi to attain an AKC herding championship title.
  • AKC herding championship won in 1996; ASCA herding championship in 1997; and AHBA herding championship in 1998.
  • The only Pembroke or Cardigan AKC herding champion to produce an AKC herding champion (Colt).
  • High in Trial eight times.
  • Reserve High in Trial seven times.
  • Most Promising Dog twice.
  • Retired in September 2001 at the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Nationals with a High in Trial over 13 other dogs, most of them Border Collies.
  • Reba was a working ranch dog all her life.
  • All four of her only offspring have earned herding titles and are working ranch dogs.
  • Reba’s herding style controls the livestock not tames them.



Reba with Sheep in Field






  • CD title in 1994.
  • Two NJP agility qualifying scores under two different judges.
  • Two NAP agility qualifying scores under two different judges.
  • Earned ASCA Novice Agility title.
  • Earned her TD title in 2000 in northern California.






  • Shown in 10 puppy classes finishing with 6 first places and 4 second place awards.  Each puppy class had from 7 to 11 other puppies that Reba competed against.



Reba produced only one litter.  Her offspring Colt, Gus, Roper and Brooke as well as Reba’s grandchildren and great grandchildren have continued her herding legacy.  After retirement from active herding competition, Reba also became a certified therapy dog servicing hospitals and nursing homes.





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